The New MSN


— Razorfish


— Apr 2010


  • After Effects
  • Compressor



Project overview

In December 2009, Bill Karow of Razorfish asked me to create an animatic for an ad campaign that he was pitching in support of Microsoft's re-launch of its portal. The client loved the pitched concept, and the campaign became centered around it. Over the next four months, I continued to work with the Razorfish team to refine and revise the ad.

After Alphonse Swinehart put the finishing touches on the animation, I was responsible for recreating the ad to meet multiple specifications: 10, 15 and 30 second versions with resolutions from ultra-wide 995x119 to vertical 160x600. In the end, I created 26 independent assets for this project.

In April 2010, Razorfish launched 13 high-impact website placements of the campaign, including The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Pandora, Wall Street Journal, CBS Sports, Rhapsody, CNET and Gizmodo.