Nike Cold Weather Guide


— Nemo Design


— Nov 2010


  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop



Project overview

I was brought in as a 3-D Designer on this project produced by Eli Shillock at Nemo Design here in Portland, Oregon.

Eastbay was publishing a winter catalog featuring Nike Pro Combat sportswear. Our team's job was to digitally enhance the printed content. We built a microsite with athlete video interviews, a product gallery, a photobooth and, most impressively, an Augmented Reality 3-D Experience. The AR used a combination of live action video and 3-D environments to bring life to the catalog's content.

I built six low-poly 3-D environments used throughout the microsite. Since these models were manipulated in real-time through an internet connection, I had a strict budget for the number of polygons I could use. As the only 3-D artist on the team, I was also responsible for texturing and lighting. When the environments were complete, I worked closely with Motim Technologies, 3-D web developers, to ensure the models met their specifications.