Google Jamboard


Google via Instrument 


— Mar 2017


  • After Effects



Project overview

Jamboard is a "cloud-based collaborative, digital whiteboard". Brought to the market by Google in 2017, it's a web-connected 44-inch 4k screen, it's multi touch capable and comes embedded with G Suite so you can access Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc, right from the board.

In this video, the VFX and motion work were composited into the footage, and meant to look as if it were all shot in-camera. Common with these type of projects, the majority of the screens on set were shot blank and the content was added in post. This allows for more flexibility in the workflow, as content can be tweaked and adjusted after the fact. It also ensure we can stick closely to brand guidelines and show the product in it's best light.

Jamboard, a new way to collaborate from Google!

BTS GIFs and still frames below: