Bing and Decide


— Razorfish


— Jun 2010


  • After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop



Project overview

While working with Razorfish here in Portland I had the opportunity to be a part of two projects for Bing's newest ad campaign.

After JWT produced "The Big Apple" and "Aggressive Octopus," two great television spots created for the "Adventures with Bing" campaign, Razorfish was tasked with bringing the campaign to the web. That's when I was called in.

For the first ad, I was given a storyboard, a photo of a T-Rex and a short deadline. I was asked to make the dinosaur peek into the frame, rear its head, and run across the screen. It was a fun opportunity to try out an Inverse Kinematics plug-in for After Effects.

The second web banner, made to continue the "Aggressive Octopus" spot, was to take place underwater. Again, I was given static images and asked to bring them to life. After a short swimming animation for the shark, creative use of After Effect's Puppet tool for the octopus, a few bubbles, color correction and some motion blur, here is the final product.

These banner ads ran on Fox News,, NBC Sports and YouTube. I was glad to be a part of Bing's first large multimedia advertising campaign.